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ChoiceView Talk and ChoiceView Chat Can Help Your Mobile Customers Plus Save Money in your Contact Center!

ChoiceView provides enhanced click-to-talk and click-to-chat services for mobile users. With ChoiceView Talk and ChoiceView Chat, customers at your mobile website can easily get personal assistance. In the case of ChoiceView, that personal assistance comes with two-way visual sharing to greatly simplify transactions and improve first call resolution. Plus, for ChoiceView Talk on mobile phones, the cost is a fraction of traditional click-to-talk services.

How It Works

A mobile user installs the ChoiceView app on his/her mobile device. The app is available for free from the Apple App Store and Android Market. It works out of the box with any ChoiceView-equipped business. There’s no app customization or SDK integration required.

When the user is browsing a company’s mobile website and needs assistance, he/she simply taps the ChoiceView link. There’s no form to fill in or information to enter. The same ChoiceView app works with ANY company’s mobile website.


The ChoiceView app launches and delivers enhanced caller ID and contextual information visually to a contact center agent or Visual IVR — before the call arrives or the chat session begins.

That contextual information includes relevant details from the web page being viewed so the contact center agent or Visual IVR can answer appropriately. A “Thank you for calling” introduction becomes “I see you were looking at… How may I help you?”


Best of all, once the ChoiceView session is established, the agent or Visual IVR can share visual information with the user. It can be virtually anything relevant on the business side — Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, videos, local files, clipboard contents or snipped areas. The user can also share data, photos and videos back in the other direction and save information received for future reference. You can imagine the use cases for technical support and healthcare!

Advantages of ChoiceView Talk and ChoiceView Chat

  • Two-way visual sharing comes standard with ChoiceView click-to-talk and click-to-chat services.  This provides dramatic improvements in both contact center operations and customer interactions.  Agents can send visual information to customers.  Customers can send visual information to agents.  “Now I see what you’re talking about!”
  • Effective visual communication increases comprehension by 5x and reduces processing mistakes, repeat calls, and misinformation.  As a result, transactions are more efficient, first-call resolution is improved, customer satisfaction increases, and your company gains a competitive edge.
  • ChoiceView is easy to deploy at your website.  Simply include a ChoiceView link.  There’s no custom mobile app that has to be created or SDK integration required.  Your customers use the free ChoiceView app at the Apple App Store or Android Market.
  • ChoiceView is easy to deploy in your contact center.  ChoiceView Agent software runs in the background on an agent’s desktop and provides a visual screen pop of enhanced caller ID and contextual information.  During a session, ChoiceView Agent software allows agents to send virtually anything accessible at their desktop with a snip, copy or drag-and-drop.
  • ChoiceView Talk doesn’t require the initiation and joining of two separate phone calls — one to the user and one to the contact center — as traditional click-to-talk services do.  Instead, with ChoiceView Talk on a mobile phone, only one call is initiated and that comes from the phone’s standard dialer.  This means large cost savings for contact centers.

Deploying ChoiceView

ChoiceView uses a standard HTML link on a web page. When a user selects that link, ChoiceView delivers enhanced caller ID and contextual information visually to a contact center agent or Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. There’s no customized app or SDK integration required on the mobile device. And ChoiceView is simple for mobile users — there’s no form to fill in at the website, just a tap.

On the business side, ChoiceView is compatible with existing contact centers, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems and IVRs. ChoiceView Agent software runs on the agent’s desktop and stays in the background until a ChoiceView call arrives. Then it provides a standard screen pop and the agent is ready to begin visual sharing. For IVRs, ChoiceView doesn’t require changes to the IVR hardware or trunks, the IVR voice processing, or the IVR source code. It’s a script change only, and the IVR continues to provide its standard voice-only / DTMF processing for non-ChoiceView callers.

All of this translates into many new ways to serve your customers, a new way for agents to efficiently communicate with them, a competitive edge for your business, and cost savings for your contact center on top of it all.

Try ChoiceView Talk and ChoiceView Chat on your mobile device