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ChoiceView for the Health Care Industry
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Using ChoiceView for Health Care
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Health Care Challenges

The explosion of electronic medical information is transforming data management and challenging all aspects of health care. The challenges are compounded by the rapid adoption of mobile devices in health care organizations and by health care recipients. Information, especially relevant potentially life-saving information, must be immediately accessible. As a result, health care providers and their recipients want faster, even instant, delivery of health-related data and information.

ChoiceView is the Solution

Many situations in health care demand that complex information be communicated quickly and accurately when callers are using smartphones or any phone along with a browser on a PC, Mac, or tablet. IVR technology and phone solutions from ChoiceView solves the problem by allowing mobile callers to not only hear the information, but to see it at the same time, exactly when needed. Studies show that seeing and hearing information simultaneously increases understanding six (6) times. As is often said, “One picture is worth a thousand words.”

“Sharing visual information during a voice call greatly enhances learning, understanding, and memory. With ChoiceView you achieve communication and learning objectives in less time with greater impact.”-Steven Peskin, MD, MBA, FACP
EVP and Chief Medical Officer, MediMedia, Inc.

ChoiceView Improves Understanding

ChoiceView improves understanding and adherence to medical recommendations through IVR technology and phone solutions. When you both see and hear the information, transactions are easier, faster, and more rewarding. For example, an employee calls her employer’s ChoiceView-enabled nurse about continued knee pain that keeps her from going to work. The nurse instantly sends visuals and explains:

1. Her condition as ostearthritis 2. Exercises she ought
to do at home
3. Previously-prescribed meds she should take

The employee saves the visuals by tapping ‘+’ on the ChoiceView screen. Later, she presses the ‘History’ button to view them again. By both talking about and seeing the information via her smartphone, the employee easily understands her condition and its remedies. She also receives encouragement to adhere to the prescribed regimen. She does the exercises, takes the medications, and is quickly back to work. The employer is satisfied with the reduced absenteeism and improved productivity.

Secure and Compliant Information

When combined with message encryption, ChoiceView medical information transfer is highly secure and HIPAA compliant.

Health Care Applications

With the proliferation of mobile devices, both health care providers and recipients are demanding faster and better medical information. ChoiceView IVR technology and phone solutions delivers “Now I see what you’re talking about!” moments. Your providers can instantly share any type of visual from their ChoiceView-enabled systems, including diagrams, forms, photos, graphics, documents—while explaining or answering questions about complex procedures. Regardless of their location, providers and recipients can receive critical information via ChoiceView on their smartphones or via their phones and browsers.The following examples are a few of the many health care applications that will save time, money, and possibly lives.

Health Care Sector

Example of Need

ChoiceView Solution

Pharmaceutical Firms Efficient way to inform medical professionals about new drug releases, their interactions, and recommended usage Health care providers see information and ask questions about new drugs and their interactions
Hospitals Doctors “on-the-go” require instant HIPAA- compliant patient records and tests Doctors receive visuals while speaking with hospital technicians or specialists
Physician Medical Networks Patients who can’t come to the medical office must receive instructional information to improve their condition Patients receive both visual and spoken in- structions; they ask questions and receive additional information as needed
Electronic Health & Medical Records (EHR/EMR) Firms Timely and secure delivery of critical health/ medical records Wherever they are located, health care pro- viders receive and use medical records
Health Insurance Companies Cost-effective delivery of corporate health education programs to participants Without traveling, employees receive corpo- rate wellness program information
Public Agencies Officials want to effectively alert the public about emergency health issues Public receives Emergency Health Alerts on mobile devices

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Distribute via Apple Enterprise license directly to your users or license the Radish ChoiceView Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) to make your organization’s mobile app ChoiceView-enabled.

System Requirements: ChoiceView App runs on iPhones, iPod touch with an Internet connection, and tablets with an Internet connection. Both work for transactions with all ChoiceView-enabled organizations.