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Should Radish ChoiceView™ ‘Visuals with Voice’ Concern IVR Vendors?

At #ITEXPO East this week in Miami, CEO Theresa Szczurek’s presentation of the @RadishSystems ChoiceView capability to simultaneously talk and share visual information on existing networks, with any phone, using most mobile devices caused many questions. Why? @ChoiceView transforms an IVR into a Visual IVR with a pure software solution and doesn’t replace any existing enterprise IVR hardware.

ChoiceView is a simple way to solve a complex technological problem for mobile communications.  Businesses can send photos, graphics, video clips, coupons, receipts, menus or any visuals to a caller using a smart mobile device while talking/texting with them in real time. There’s no need to leave the call to see an email or go to a website and the caller can save the visuals for later use.

Is this competitive with typical Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that are hardware-based and expensive to upgrade?  Would most enterprises prefer a software solution rather than upgrading their hardware, should that option exist?  ChoiceView can easily augment existing IVRs and allow them to offer next-generation capabilities now. Let me know what you think at media@RadishSystems.com

Video demos at http://www.youtube.com/user/RadishSystems, more at www.RadishSystems.com



One Comment on Should Radish ChoiceView™ ‘Visuals with Voice’ Concern IVR Vendors?

  1. Michaela Laune says:

    Anything to not have to deali with an IVR which is unlikely to be what should be your major focus….customer service, sales and satisfaction….Radish facilitates the where the “real” focus should remain….profitable customer satisfaction


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