Radish Systems Privacy Policy

Last Updated February 23, 2017

The ChoiceView products and services offered by Radish Systems ("Radish") allow a temporary, secure data session to be established during a phone call or chat session between an end user and a business or organization. Typically an end user is calling a business to conduct a transaction, get customer support, buy something, get medical help, or engage in other discussion. During the call, the end user can receive visual information from a live representative (the "Agent") at the business or send visual information in response.

ChoiceView serves as a secure transport mechanism between only those parties involved in the phone call or chat session. It does not create or store content.

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") is designed to provide you with information about our data collection, retention and usage practices, and governs any and all of the ChoiceView products and services, including: the ChoiceView Mobile App, ChoiceView Web App, ChoiceView Windows Agent, ChoiceView Visual Dashboard, ChoiceView REST API (the "Products"), and the ChoiceView Cloud switch and related servers (the "Services"). More information is available at RadishSystems.com.

1. Accepting the Privacy Policy

By downloading, installing, accessing or otherwise using our Products and Services, you confirm that you have read this Policy, that you understand it and that you agree to be bound by it. You further agree to be bound by Radish's Terms of Use ("the Terms") which apply to ChoiceView Products where software installation is required.


2. Changes to Terms, Privacy Policy or Services

The Policy and the Terms are subject to changes at any time, effective upon the posting of an updated version of them or as otherwise stated ("Modified Terms"). Once we change any of the Policy or Terms, you will be notified, either by posting the Modified Terms within the Services, or through other communications. Also, the "Last Updated" field on top of each of the Policy and Terms will be updated with the date of change. You are requested to regularly review the Modified Terms. You hereby declare that your continued use following any change made to the Terms and/or Policy shall constitute your consent to the Modified Terms.

3. Information We Collect

An end user does not need to establish an account with Radish to participate in a ChoiceView session. An end user controls whether or not to contact a business or organization by a standard phone call or other available means. If the end user elects to establish a ChoiceView session as part of the communication with the business or organization, the end user can end the session at any time.

  1. ChoiceView Products on the end user side will ask for the phone number of the device being used in the session. This phone number is already being relayed to the business or organization by the phone network as part of a standard phone call so Radish is not collecting new information.
  2. ChoiceView Products on the end user side may also ask for the end user's name and email address. However, such information is not verified by Radish and can be made up by the end user.

4. How We Use, Share and Disclose Information

  1. ChoiceView accounting records for ChoiceView sessions are stored in a secure environment. Accounting records contain the end user information above and a summary of public visual materials (URLs) sent in a ChoiceView session. Accounting records do NOT contain references to agent screenshots or clipboard copies or end user photos or videos.
  2. ChoiceView accounting records may be exported to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system of the business or organization contacted in a ChoiceView session for use in their contact center reporting. The business or organization typically already has comparable information about the end user collected from previous calls, purchases or transactions not involving ChoiceView.
  3. Radish does NOT supply ChoiceView accounting records to any other outside advertisers, suppliers or companies.

5. Information Security

Radish implements reasonable industry practices with respect to securing and safeguarding user data. Such data are stored in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud which provides advanced security features. AWS facilities are SAS70, PCI and DSS compliant. View additional AWS security information.

However, Radish does not and cannot guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur when storing and transmitting data over the Internet. If you have reason to believe that your privacy has been violated or abused, please contact Radish Customer Support. Your case will be investigated and handled as appropriate.

6. Terms of Use

Terms for ChoiceView Products where software installation is required are covered in the End User License Agreement.

7. Contact Information

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact Radish Customer Support.