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OPTIMISM: Tips to Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

Is it a sunny day? Regardless of whether there are clouds, rain, or sunshine outside, the answer lies within you. Successful Passionate Pursuers have Optimism. They carry a hopeful, upbeat disposition and believe that good prevails.


My theme in 2015 is “Be a SUNFLOWER.™” Each letter of the word aligns with one of the traits of successful Passionate Pursuers. O stands for Optimism. From page 52 of Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, “Norman Vincent Peale in The Power of Positive Thinking popularized and humanized the importance of a can-do outlook using examples of real people. People with a positive attitude carry a hopeful, upbeat disposition with the believe that good ultimately overcomes evil.”


During a week-long meditation retreat in the mountains led by Shinzen Young , I walked the outside labyrinth. Merriam-Webster defines a labyrinth as a place that has many confusing paths or passages, something that is extremely complicated or difficult to understand. However http://www.veriditas.org/guidelines has this to say about a spiritual, meditation labyrinth, “The labyrinth is not a maze. There are no tricks to it and no dead ends. It has a single circuitous path that winds its way into the center. The person walking it uses the same path to return from the center and the entrance then becomes the exit. The path is in full view, which allows a person to be quiet and focus internally.

Generally there are three stages to the walk: releasing on the way in, receiving in the center and returning when you follow the return path back out of the labyrinth. Symbolically, and sometimes actually, you are taking back out into the world that which you have received.”

Here are my insights.

  1.  Be grateful for those who have helped bring you to where you are now and those who have come this way before, have shown the way, and have tended the path.
  2.  Keep going.       Put one foot in front of another.       The journey brings the joys, satisfaction, and learning of life. Sometime it looks like you are so close to the finish, but there may be a long way to go. There may be obstacles along the way, don’t let that stop you.
  3.  Rest and appreciate. See the beauty and small, little flowers along life’s way. Hear the birds chirp. What messages do they bring? Feel the air with a touch of moisture, notice the dew sparkling in the morning sunlight. Enjoy the diversity and difference of each stone along the path.
  4.  Savor your progress. Pat yourself on the back for what you have accomplished.
  5.  Be optimistic.       Just like sunflowers which turn to the sun, raise your face to the light. Find hope and the bright spots in life’s journey. Remember and sing the popular American song, Keep On the Sunny Side


This song was originally written in 1899 by Ada Blenkhorn (1858–1927) with music by J. Howard Entwisle (1866–1903) and popularized in a 1928 recording by the Carter Family

There’s a dark and a troubled side of life;

There’s a bright and a sunny side, too;

Tho’ we meet with the darkness and strife,

The sunny side we also may view.


Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,

Keep on the sunny side of life;

It will help us every day, it will brighten all the way,

If we keep on the sunny side of life.


Life and work is a spiritual journey, whether you realize it or not. Similar to walking a labyrinth, have hope as you notice, learn, appreciate, and continue along the way. Keep on the sunny side of life.  You can turn a good life into a great life.


Smartphone penetration rises and diversifies

Nielson reported in March 2015, “Around the globe, consumers are increasingly mobile, which is changing shopping habits, viewing tendencies and even how we kill time. And in the U.S., smartphones are increasingly the devices consumers—especially multicultural ones—are choosing for their multitude of mobile activities…. Overall smartphone penetration up to 77% of mobile phone owners in the U.S.”

However, multicultural consumers continue to lead the growth in smartphone penetration, as they’re adopting smartphones at a higher rate than the U.S. average.

Radish’s ChoiceView is in line with this trend and allows all smartphone and browsers to see information while talking on ANY phone, any network.

Radish offers many webRTC features now, says Telecom Reseller

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Put Wholeness to Work: How and Why to Cultivate Intuition

We are connected to an interconnected web of life. How are you tapping into this wholeness of self and universe to successfully pursue your purpose and reap the real rewards of life.


My theme in 2015 is “Be a SUNFLOWER.™” Each letter of the word aligns with one of the traits of successful Passionate Pursuers. W stands for Wholeness. From page 53 of Pursuit of Passionate Purpose (www.PursuitofPassionatePurpose.com), “When you are whole, you appreciate and unify all aspects of your nature especially head, heart, and hands; you are connected to your inner self. The internal and external worlds are coalesced into oneness to create stability and strength.”


Listen to yourself. Many of us recognize this as intuition, instinct, or sixth sense. Passionate Pursuers have the ability to connect with this inner voice. Messages from the wise self may be communicated through head, heart, or hands energy, as well as through intuition. This perception capability is defined as direct knowing independent of rational thought and inference. Your wiser inner self communicates through insights or a sudden flash or idea. You might even have a visceral or gut reaction and feel pain or pleasure.

Your inner self, or spirit companion as I personally call this part of me, is always there as a source of wisdom and connection to the flow of the Universe. Called different names, intuition is one person’s serendipity or another person’s synchronicity, grace, divine intervention, voice of God, or random opportunity. Whatever the name, many people have found it to be real. Through grace, the Universe’s infinite potential is turned into possibility, says Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams. How do you tap into your intuition?


 Some of you might be saying, “Really? This is just too far out for me to use in my work.”   Well think of these scenarios:

  •  You wake up with a new idea of how to direct your firm’s marketing efforts.
  • You return from a walk with an insight on how to position your products among the growing field of competition.
  • In a meeting with a prospective customer, your inner voice speaks to you about how to help your contact work through the company politics and become the hero by implementing your solution.
  • In contemplating whether or not to spend the time and money to go to another conference, you experience direct knowing of the right course of action.

Intuition, and being whole so you can tap into all messages, is at work here. Allow yourself to nurture and strengthen it. You will not be sorry. When I do not listen to these inner messages, especially at work, I regret it.


  •  Quiet the Mind.   This is the role for meditation, says David Chernikoff, Insight meditation teacher, spiritual counselor, psychotherapist, and leader of “Intuition and Courage: Finding a Path with Heart” workshop. “Meditation also trains your concentration which helps you go deeper.”       Others attain this by being in nature, praying, or watching the breath. What works for you?.


  • Hold an Intention. Let yourself know that you are open to intuitive insights. State the optimal outcome in wide-ranging terms to yourself and put it in the back (or front) of your mind. If it feels right, write down the intention and share it with others, which engages your thinking or head energy.


  • Be Receptive.   Intentionally nurture and build your ability to hear your inner voice, while allowing and receiving, says Chernikoff.       Listen. Train yourself to get more access to messages through dreams, poetry, or other media.


  • Ask. Insights may come to you randomly or you may ask for guidance. Both work.


  • Test. “Once you receive inner guidance, you may seek to determine validity of the interpretation,” suggests the Canadian Institute of Psychosynthesis.Often the voice of Truth brings a profound feeling of inner calm, certainty, and resolution. Be wary of any message that stimulates fear of disaster or that flatters you and produces ego-inflation.   As a check and balance, use your rational mind or a pendulum to cross-check. Realize that the inner teaching may be clothed in symbols and require a symbolic rather than a literal interpretation. If you are in doubt, delay action if it is not urgent.       Consult with a wise friend or someone you can trust.”


  • Act. Put your intuition to work. Use the message or knowing from your inner voice to guide your actions.


  • Learn and repeat. Discern what works to tap into your intuition.       Do more of that.



People who find and successfully pursue their purpose are whole. They unify all aspects of their nature especially head, heart, and hands; they are connected to inner self and are intuitive.   What are you doing to be whole and to cultivate intuition? Start now.

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