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NEWSLETTER: Automated Visual Tech Support and Password Reset

Password Reset via ChoiceView Visual IVR
Password Reset with ChoiceView Visual IVR

Password reset is the most common task for tech support representatives. Sometimes customers can handle password reset at a website, but often they call. Now those calls can be handled by a ChoiceView Visual IVR. It’s a way to deflect calls from support representatives and provide faster customer service.  Learn more about this use case in the full newsletter


NEWSLETTER: New Visual ‘Tech Help’ Use Case and Health Partnership

Learn how Biomeds can improve up time for critical healthcare equipment using ChoiceView ‘voice with visuals’ and/or Visual Chat in this newsletter.  Also, Montuno and Radish partner to offer medication adherence and coaching solution.

NEWS: Montuno and Radish Partner to Offer Medication Adherence & Coaching Solution

Medication adherence is one of the top healthcare concerns. Radish Systems and Montuno Software are partnering to address this concern by providing a new health platform that combines the Dosecast mobile app with ChoiceView visual communications. The result is a powerful tool that empowers patients to adhere to a medication regimen, provides medical adherence data to healthcare providers, and supports messaging and visual telehealth services between patients and healthcare providers. Healthcare providers and payers, health plans, and pharmaceutical companies will now have new ways to interact with and help their patients.

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NEWSLETTER: ChoiceView Visual Chat and WebRTC

Just in case you missed it, check out our newsletterpatient_authorization_chat

Meet Radish in RED at 2016 Denver Healthcare Summit

Look for Theresa in Red at this Summit and learn how @ChoiceView improves #healthcare.  The Denver Employer Health Summit provides a day of networking and collaboration between employers, healthcare professionals & providers, insurance carriers and brokers in our state. Explore emerging healthcare innovation for employers and providers, prepare for ACA and health reform mandates, learn best-practices for emerging models of employer health benefit solutions.  Learn more at:  http://www.radishsystems.com/events/