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REGISTER NOW: 1/19 Webinar on Social Impact Investing in Digital Health Technology

Join in a free webinar 1/19 2pm MTN to learn more about “Impact Investing in Digital Health Technology” featuring the Impact Finance Center, RxAssurance, and Radish Systems. Donors find they can both invest in and support healthcare innovation through social impact investing. Register now for free: https://www.meetup.com/COimpactventures/events/236384385/

@CyberMedNews on Digital Health Innovation via @PrimeHealthCO

Prime Health Digital Health Finalists

Here are insights about digital health pilots and deployments from top, hot vendors including @RxAssurance, @Primetemp, @RadishSystems, and TestAppropriate.
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Radish Supports Homeless Shelter

Radish and friends cook and serve dinner for 160 people at Homeless Shelter of Boulder

Radish and friends cook and serve dinner for 160 people at Homeless Shelter of Boulder

The holidays inspire many of us to support organizations that benefit the health and welfare of our society and those in our community. Radish continues to support the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, both in our volunteer time and our financial contributions. As in any of these endeavors, we as participants always receive back much more than we contribute.

At the heart of this season is the spirit of gratitude, which makes this a perfect opportunity to let you know how grateful Radish is for our relationship with you. We look forward to seeing that relationship grow and prosper! We’re also thankful for the dedicated group of people who help Radish make progress every day. We couldn’t do it without you! Read more in our newsletter

NEWSLETTER: Automated Visual Tech Support and Password Reset

Password Reset via ChoiceView Visual IVR
Password Reset with ChoiceView Visual IVR

Password reset is the most common task for tech support representatives. Sometimes customers can handle password reset at a website, but often they call. Now those calls can be handled by a ChoiceView Visual IVR. It’s a way to deflect calls from support representatives and provide faster customer service.  Learn more about this use case in the full newsletter


NEWSLETTER: New Visual ‘Tech Help’ Use Case and Health Partnership

Learn how Biomeds can improve up time for critical healthcare equipment using ChoiceView ‘voice with visuals’ and/or Visual Chat in this newsletter.  Also, Montuno and Radish partner to offer medication adherence and coaching solution.