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5/11 WEBINAR: How True Visual IVR Cuts Costs

Register now for this complimentary webinar on True Visual IVR, moderated by Don Witt, blogger of Telecom Reseller with IVR Technology Group and Radish Systems.  New telehealth technologies are advancing communication to improve patient care and decrease costs. Using a true ChoiceView visual interactive voice response (IVR) system lets healthcare and other firms cost-effectively improve their callers’ care and wellness.

Partner companies Radish Systems and IVR Technology Group offer this free webinar to show how a true visual IVR allows callers to securely hear, see, and even save information. Healthcare callers can both see and hear HIPAA-compliant information about their healthcare, especially their medications and at-home procedures.

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Register NOW for the 5/11/2016 2pm ET online webinar.


IVR Tech Group and Radish Partner for True Visual IVR in Healthcare

This partnership adds visuals to phone calls in the healthcare remote patient engagement space. Register now for complimentary webinar ” Cut Healthcare Chaos and Costs with True Visual IVR” on May 11th at 2:00 PM ET.    Also, this partnership allows organizations using ChoiceView® to protect and transmit multimodal “voice with visuals” information about complex and confidential health issues on an automated IVR call. In completing a health assessment survey, for example, a true ChoiceView Visual IVR easily allows callers to receive a form and submit alphanumeric, numeric, and multiple-choice inputs. Callers can also transfer to a website or to a live agent to continue visual collaboration.  In addition to seeing the information, callers can save the visuals on their mobile devices or computers.

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ChoiceView true Visual IVR allows user to send alphanumeric, numeric, and other inputs

Health assessments are easy with ChoiceView Visual IVR

What is the Impact of a Good Voice?

Companies strive to make their IVRs and Virtual Assistants even better in order to stimulate customer engagement and satisfaction.  Every element of the system makes a little or big difference.  Have you considered the impact of a professionally-recorded, natural voice prompt rather than a computer-synthesized voice?  A number of vendors can help you improve your IVR voice prompts, including GM Voices and Walsh Media.   Try them.   Hear the difference.    The right voices can also be used to create a voice brand for your business.  You and your callers will get a better experience.  Studies show that improved customer experience leads to higher revenues.

We believe that good voices are so important that Radish Systems has partnered with GM Voices to offer natural voices along with visuals on our ChoiceView Visual IVR.  The partnership provides consumers an enhanced visual and voice experience with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Virtual Assistant, and other systems.  Learn more.   See and hear the difference:  call +1-720-440-7560.

Learn more about optimizing your IVR through this 2-day educational “IVR Workshop” on April 20 – 21 in Atlanta, GA offered by Enterprise Integration Group and GM Voices.    Entitled “The Changing Telephone Channel: Optimizing IVR + Speech Recognition in the Age of Smartphones,” the workshop focuses on IVR design in today’s multi-channel, multi-modal world.  Register here

ChoiceView Use Case — Explanation of Health Insurance Benefits

#UseCase Explanation of #Health Insurance Benefits with @ChoiceView.  See the full newsletter:   radishsystems.com/choiceview/new…


GM Voices and Radish Partner to Enhance Business Calls: Try it!

Radish Systems partners with GM Voices to offer professionally-recorded voice prompts and instant visuals for telephony applications.  The partnership provides consumers an enhanced visual and voice experience with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Virtual Assistant, and other systems.

There are many ways consumers can access a true Visual IVR, powered by ChoiceView from Radish.  Using ChoiceView opens up new avenues for contacting and interacting with automated agents such as IVRs.  Businesses can offer any of these options:

  • Make a call.  Use a smartphone or use any phone and see visuals on a PC, Mac, or tablet.  Call +1-720-440-7560 to see and hear a ChoiceView Visual IVR now.  Tap options 1, 2, or 3.
  • Launch from a website.  Use any phone including WebRTC.  Use a PC, Mac, or tablet. Go to www.RadishSystems.com and tap on the red “Try ChoiceView” buttons.
  • Start from a mobile app.  Download the iOS or Android ChoiceView mobile app to your smart device.  Tap the blue DEMO button.

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