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BEGIN ANEW: How to Regenerate like a Sunflower

We have all been there — the place where we feel exhausted, depleted, and lost in pursuit of a meaningful life. Before you take on the next year of Pursuing your Passionate Purpose, STOP and pause. Consider doing a “Ceremony for Beginning Anew.” Why? It helps you Regenerate.

My theme in 2015 is “Be a SUNFLOWER.” Each letter of the word aligns with one of the traits of successful Passionate Pursuers. R stands for Regeneration. From page 53 of Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, “A regenerative nature allows Passionate Pursuers to revive, renew, and produce again despite adversity, setbacks, and obstacles. With the ability to bounce back, recover readily, and rise from the ashes, they possess the Phoenix Factor (described in Chapter 6). As a process of human development explored by Erik Erikson in his seminal work Childhood and Society and reinforced through life, generativity is indispensable in all pursuits of passionate purpose. Such resilience appears to be inter-dependent with the traits of confidence, optimistic attitude, and integrity of effort.”

Begin Anew

Therefore, I kicked off the New Year (and at times throughout the year) with a group ceremony led by Buddhist teacher and therapist David Chernikoff. It’s based on the work of the Zen Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, and called the “Ceremony for Beginning Anew.” Here are a few highlights that you can design into your own ceremony:

Center. Do a walking or sitting meditation, go on a walk, breathe deeply, or whatever helps you be in the moment.
Bow in Gratitude. Express gratitude for all the teachers you have had along the way; for mindful and joyful work; for the seed of awakening in children, sprouts and all beings; for Great Understanding; and for Great Compassion.
Begin Anew. Vow to appreciate the gems within you. Practice mindful breathing and smiling. Offer joy to one person each morning. Help relieve the grief of one person in the afternoon. Live simply and sanely. Keep yourself healthy. Let go of worries and anxiety. Be light and free. Find a theme to keep you on course.

Practical Pointers for Beginning Anew (from David Chernikoff)

Start fresh. Use the Beginning Anew ceremony. Meditate moment by moment.
Set a fresh intention. Use the power of intention. What is the intention behind your actions? Intention shapes us. Embody these in affirmations such as “I aspire to live lovingly.”
Forgive. Explore your life. Where is there room for forgiveness? Where is a knot in my heart? Forgiveness must be invited. It cannot be forced.
Have Vision. Vision acts as a North Star. It orients life to where we want it to go. From the best-selling book, Built to Last, by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, “Vision has become one of the most overused — and least understood — words in the language. A well-conceived vision consists of two major components: core ideology and envisioned future. Set a ten-to-thirty-year “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” and create a vivid description of what it will be like when the organization achieves that BHAG.


What about you? What will it take for you to stop and give some attention to regeneration? Take time to assess your progress on a regular basis. Then stop. Express gratitude. Get in touch with your vision, intentions, and goals for life and this year. Revisit what is and what is not working. Make some changes. Begin anew. Regenerate. Live this life to the fullest!

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Say No to Say Yes: Seven Tips for a Life and Work Balance

The New Year is here and it can be overwhelming.   There is good stress and there is distress, which causes harm. When the stress is too high, we lose the ability to think clearly and to make good decisions. Both our business and personal lives suffer.


My Story. We met our 18-year-old daughter, who is now away at college in Ohio, for our annual large family Holiday reunion in Chicago. Oh, what a joy to reunite after three months of being empty-nesters. We soon found out that Annie had been burning the candle at both ends at school, working hard and playing hard. She was staying up too late, getting too little sleep. When she finally took this family break, she realized, “I did not know how tired I was, until I stopped.” When she did stop, she determined that she had been fighting off a virus for over month, her resistance was low, and she was sick. Her body was giving her a message, “Say No. Put up some boundaries. Focus, finish, and then fly.” It has happened to me; it has likely happened to you. Before you get sick or your business crashes, say no! Here’s how.


Practical Pointers:


  1. Focus by Saying No. When you Pursue Purpose, this requires setting boundaries and saying no to many things in order to say yes to priorities. Put a reminder “Say No” on your smartphone and tape a handwritten note to your computer monitor. Taking things away can open space for more.


  1. Look. Identify times that you said no in the past. Think of examples when you successfully said no to say yes. What helped or hindered you?


  1. Inquire. Ask yourself what is blocking you from saying no.       “The answer lies within you,” The Alchemist said. In reality, many of us have been unable to hear that answer from our internal, wiser self. Stay open so you can hear the message and take appropriate action. You might be surprised by what you hear.


  1. Find stillness. Where do you find stillness? It always exists, but we often make sounds to cover up silence.   It may come from meditation, a walk in nature, sitting in silence, prayer, or some other contemplative path. This strengthens your ability to focus.


  1. List. Make a list of all the good reasons to say no.


  1. Practice. Try saying no to the easy, unimportant things.


  1. Reaffirm your goals and purpose. When you know what you want, it is easier to say no to distractions and things that take you away from your priorities. As we finish off another year, this is the perfect time for your business planning and your personal life planning.       Assess progress toward your goals.       Where do you want to go?       What are the right actions in the New Year to get you there? What should you continue, start, or stop doing?




Get clear on your goals and priorities. What passionate purpose are you pursuing? Say no in order to say yes. Saying no brings focus and meaningful progress. Saying no brings you peace. Saying no brings you time to connect with yourself, important others, and the Greater Spirit. This brings you comfort, joy, and a life well lived.

ChoiceView Web App Available for Visually Communicating with Organizations

Radish announces ChoiceView Web App for visually interacting with organizations via an Internet browser. Like the ChoiceView Mobile App which allows simultaneous voice and visuals exchange, the ChoiceView Web App provides a new communications channel for users to interact with businesses, but it does so via a standard browser with no app download.  Since it relies on a browser only, the ChoiceView Web App greatly expands the customer reach to include first-time callers from any phone, users with Mac and Windows computers, as well as users with any smart phone or tablet. Callers can see and hear business information and easily complete transactions both via automated self-service systems (known as Interactive Voice Response or IVR) and with live representatives in contact centers or throughout the organization.

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See the full media release at http://www.radishsystems.com/wp-content/uploads/Radish_Media_Release_2015-01-28_web_app_final.pdf