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The Phone Call Is Back!

Several articles recently have described the resurgence of phone calls. One of them is by Jenna Wortham of the New York Times entitled Pass the Word: The Phone Call Is Back. Of course at Radish the founding Bell Labs engineers instinctively knew that “the phone call never really left.” In this case, we’re talking about calls to businesses. Not everything can be handled well at a company’s website, and phone calls are often needed as part of the process despite what some businesses may wish.

Our ChoiceView technology adds a new communications dimension to this mix by joining a secure data session to a regular phone call. Since a standard phone call is used, it’s compatible with the existing phone infrastructure and the voice quality is preserved.

As a result, when you call a business, you’ll receive visual menus and visual responses from the company’s IVR (Integrated Voice Response) system. No more “Please listen closely as our menu options have changed” and endless phone trees. If you need live assistance, you can talk to a service representative and share visual information during the call. Service representatives have the visual information on their screen, but without ChoiceView they have to read it back while you write it down.

There are 3 billion phone calls in the US every day and that number is only going up. The phone call is back!


Meet Radish at CTIA Super Mobility Week 9/8-9/10

Radish’s CEO, Theresa Szczurek, speaks Mon 9/8 at #ComCon14 session on Un-Panel #1: “The Future of the Network” where we are opening our minds to a radical rethinking of how communications can look when you combine open hardware and software with the uninhibited creativity of the innovation community. She will also be on-site at the CTIA Super Mobility Week from Mon. 9/8 to Weds 9/10. Contact Radish at info@RadishSystems.com or 720-440-7560 to book a meeting and to learn about the ChoiceView TRUE Visual IVR and ‘voice with visuals’ live assistance. Learn more and register for the free preconference #ComCon14 event at https://www.eventjoy.com/e/comcon14

New ChoiceView iOS 7 App to Share Visuals In-call

Radish Systems, a mobile/enterprise software and professional services company that provides the patented ChoiceView multichannel ‘voice with visuals’ platform, announces its participation at SpeechTEK 2014 and the introduction of its ChoiceView iOS 7 app. ChoiceView offers the next generation of multimodal unified communications, allowing visual information and secure data from businesses to be shared during a phone call with callers using any phone and any network. Radish’s CEO, Theresa Szczurek, will speak on the panel, “Lightning Session C105: Speech Transforms Healthcare” (Monday, August 18th at 3:15 PM EDT in the Soho / Hearld room, 7th floor). She will also be on site through August 20th at the SpeechTEK, Customer Service Experience, and CRM Evolution conferences showcasing the ChoiceView true Visual IVR and live assistance capabilities. Learn more at www.speechtek.com/2014/ .

ChoiceView App for iOS 7. The ChoiceView app has been updated for iOS 7 and is now available at the Apple App Store. When you call a business, this app provides the fastest and most efficient way to interact — whether you’re communicating with an IVR or a contact center agent. It works with iPhones. It also works with iPads and any associated phone, including landlines. Enhancements include the iOS 7 user interface plus improved local History so you can revisit ChoiceView content without a data connection. Richard Davis, Radish’s CTO noted, “The ChoiceView app provides a high performance and secure way for data to be exchanged during a phone call between mobile devices and businesses, and it does so in a way that’s totally compatible with the existing business infrastructure. This approach avoids the typical limitations of http-based architectures and provides next-generation capabilities well beyond web browsing in the presence of a phone call.”

Check out the full release at http://www.radishsystems.com/media-center/media-releases/


Radish Systems, a leader in voice and data mobility solutions for customer service, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a key patent from the U.S. Patent Office for its integrated voice/data technology known in the market as ChoiceView™. The patent, which dates from 2009, covers most any conceivable voice/data arrangement involving phone calls to businesses. ChoiceView is a mobile enterprise solution that allows businesses to talk and share visual and other data with customers on smartphones or tablets. It increases comprehension on support calls by as much as 600%, helps callers resolve inquiries faster with more clarity, improves the overall user experience, and increases business profits.

See the complete media release and quote from inventors at http://www.radishsystems.com/media-center/media-releases/

Study finds Overwhelming Dissatisfaction with IVR. Solutions exist.

A study on customer perceptions of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems found that 83% of customers feel these self-service systems provide little benefit to the callers, but only a cost savings benefit to the company. IVR plays a key role in customer care delivery, and is widely used by major companies all over the world.

This same study also found that the majority of consumers (67%) still prefer live-agent service. A key shortcoming of IVR systems is that they are difficult to use. On an ease-of-use scale, IVR systems scored lower than any of the other service options and was the only option perceived as difficult to use. Post your frustrating or funny experience with IVRs and demand that companies ease the pain.

The Market demands solutions. Radish has a solution. ChoiceView Visual IVR eases the pain of frustrating IVRs. ChoiceView Live Agent allows true ‘voice with visual’ sharing during live transactions. Learn more about True Visual IVRs.