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CMS OKs telehealth for face-to-face Medicaid visits

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services came out with a final rule yesterday that would require face-to-face visits prior to home health services for #Medicaid patients, a rule that already exists for #Medicare patients. But, as Politico spotted, the rule also includes a parenthetical allowing those “face-to-face” visits to be conducted via telehealth.

@RadishSystems @ChoiceView provides a #telehealth ‘voice with visuals’ solution.

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Radish Systems is Enhancing Telemedicine with Visuals

Radish Announces ChoiceView WebRTC

ChoiceView WebRTC is the latest addition to Radish’s patented ChoiceView(R) multichannel ‘voice with visuals’ platform.  Now with ChoiceView WebRTC, users can make the call from their standard web browser and interact with an organization’s live or self-service agent using ‘voice with visuals’ – all within the browser without requiring an app download. For example, ChoiceView WebRTC allows callers to talk and easily get contextual visual help during a browsing session. ChoiceView WebRTC makes it easy for businesses since the phone call and visual sharing are totally compatible with the existing communications infrastructure.  See the full media release

Using ChoiceView WebRTC, users can talk and see visuals in the browser, without an app download

Using ChoiceView WebRTC, users can talk and see visuals in the browser, without an app download


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