Media Releases


Radish Announces the ChoiceView iOS 8 App for Visually Communicating with OrganizationsPDF – 12/18/2014

Mark Dreher Joins Radish SystemsPDF – 11/14/2014

Radish Speaks on ChoiceView and the Future of the Network at Super Mobility WeekPDF – 9/8/2014

Radish Announces the ChoiceView iOS 7 App for Visually Communicating with IVRs and Business Contact CentersPDF – 8/13/2014

Radish Systems is Awarded Key Patent on Voice and Data communicationsPDF – 7/17/2014

Radish Systems To Compete And Exhibit May 23-24 In Colorado State University Blue Ocean Enterprise ChallengePDF – 4/30/2014

ChoiceView True Visual IVR Now Available On TropoPDF – 2/25/2014

Radish Systems Accepts Invitation to Compete in Colorado State University Blue Ocean Enterprise ChallengePDF – 2/20/2014

Radish’s ChoiceView Visual IVR Wins Product of the Year AwardPDF – 1/28/2014


ChoiceView True Visual IVR Now Available With Twilio – PDF – 12/12/13

ChoiceView True Visual IVR Now Available on Voxeo Prophecy IVR Platform – PDF – 11/19/2013

ChoiceView From Radish Systems Is Winner Of Fast Pitch At MobileCONPDF – 10/21/2013

ChoiceView Is Now Available On The Avaya Portal PlatformPDF – 09/30/2013 Website, Sponsored by Radish, Educates and Eases Market ConfusionPDF - 08/22/2013

Radish’s ChoiceView Offers Secure, Fully Encrypted HIPAA-Compliant Mobile Enterprise CommunicationsPDF – 07/31/2013

Radish Systems Sprouts Leadership Addition and Promotion – PDF – 06/18/2013

Radish Partners with SPLICE Software to Enhance ‘Mobile to Enterprise’ Multichannel ConversationsPDF – 03/21/13

Radish Systems Joins Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado - PDFMS Word – 02/26/13

Radish Offers ChoiceView Give-Away Contest for BusinessesPDFMS Word – 01/28/13


Radish Systems Sprouts Top Industry Leadership AdditionsPDFMS Word – 10/30/12

Radish Showcases ChoiceView Visual IVR API, New Staff, and New Customers CEO Speaks on Three Panels at ITEXPO West 2012PDF – 10/08/12

Radish Systems Releases ChoiceView Visual IVR API To Ease The PainPDFMS Word – 08/14/12

Mobile Ticketing Game-Changer: Debuts “Show Me” from Mobile Ticket App and Radish SystemsPDFMS Word – 07/10/12

Radish ChoiceView 2.0 Transforms Mobile / Enterprise Communications with ‘Two-Way Visuals with Voice’PDFMS Word – 06/20/12

SPS Integrates Visuals for Mobile with Radish ChoiceView to Ease Contact Center ‘Pain’PDFMS Word – 04/11/12

Radish ChoiceView ’Pops‘ with Enhanced Agent 2.0 “Voice with Visuals” Mobile TechnologyPDFMS Word – 03/22/12

Radish Systems and Presidio Showcase ChoiceView ‘Voice with Visuals’ for Mobile Communications at HIMSS12PDF- MS Word – 02/07/12

Media Advisory – Sneak Preview ITEXPO East 2012PDFMS Word – 01/31/12

Radish Wins Product of the Year Award for ChoiceView “Voice with Visuals”PDFMS Word – 01/05/12


E*Pro Technologies and Radish Systems Partner to Bring ChoiceView to USA and International MarketsPDFMS Word – 11/01/11

Radish’s ChoiceView Now Available for Android DevicesPDFMS Word – 09/20/11

Media Advisory – Sneak Preview ITEXPO West 2011PDF – 09/13/11

Radish Systems Wins 2011 IQ Award from Boulder County Business ReportPDFMS Word – 07/27/11

Radish Systems Named Finalist For CO Technology Association’s “Rookie of the Year”PDFMS Word – 07/27/11

Radish Systems Attracts Top Industry TalentPDFMS Word – 05/16/11

Radish Systems To Debut New ChoiceView Software Developers Kit At Upcoming iOS DevCamp ColoradoPDFMS Word – 04/27/11

ChoiceView Service Platform Deploys to Apple iPadPDFMS Word – 03/21/11

Radish ChoiceView: Finalist in 2011 CTIA E-Tech AwardsPDFMS WordHTML – 03/14/11

Radish Named Innovation Showcase WinnerPDFMS Word – 02/28/11

ChoiceView Debuts with Scosche PRO AppPDFHTML – 01/04/11


Radish Sprouts Again with ChoiceView at CES 2011PDFHTML – 12/22/10