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Show & Tell MeTM

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Show & Tell MeTM

For Mobile and Browser Users
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Are your customers frustrated when they call your organization and hear a long list of menu options? Wouldn’t it be great if they could SEE and HEAR the options? And then SEE visuals, such as the location of concert seats, before buying them? Then save tickets and receipts on their smartphone or in their browsers?

Radish is a leading vendor for ChoiceView® visual interactive response technology, available now to help firms improve automated phone systems and call centers. Businesses can share visuals through a visual interactive voice response unit, such as photos, diagrams, documents, forms, and even videos, during phone or text calls. If callers need a live person, the “Voice with Visuals” session can be continued.

As a visual IVR vendor, Radish Systems develops, sells, and supports ChoiceView – a disruptive, patented, highly scalable “Communications-as-a Service” visual interactive voice response, visual phonebot, visual chatbot, and live assistance platform with enterprise and end user software, APIs, and Software Developers Kit (SDK). Businesses license software for live agents, automated agents, and PC users and equip stakeholders with a ChoiceView-enabled Mobile or Web App in order to seamlessly share visual content while talking/texting during any phone call. The result is more completed business transactions. Firms increase revenues, reduce costs, enhance customer engagement, and improve customer satisfaction from faster/better transactions. Radish, as a leading Visual IVR vendor, began deploying solutions over 20 years ago. Now Radish offers the next generation of Visual IVRS or intelligent visual bots, such as visual phonebots and visual chatbots. Choose the proven Visual IVR vendor that invented and patented this concept — Radish Systems.

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David Holland - 2-1-1 and Contact Center Manager - Mile High United Way: "We're pleased to collaborate with Radish Systems to offer 2-1-1 callers an easy way to see and hear shelter information, whenever we're unable to answer the phone live. Nearly 45% of after-hours callers choose to use the ChoiceView Visual IVR to receive emergency shelter information. It’s really helpful for smartphone callers who often have no way to write down the information. They can quickly see menu options, then automatically transfer to the 2-1-1 website for detailed shelter locations."