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20-Year Update: Women’s Start-ups Return 2X+ Despite Low Venture Funding

Pay attention, venture investors!  As explained in Outstanding Women in Business: Tracking the Change in the Denver Business Journal (DBJ, 8/24/18), women’s start-ups have received less than 20 percent of venture funds although they returned more than twice return on the dollar and 10 percent more in value, year after year.

Theresa Szczurek, Radish’s CEO, highlighted this incongruity, based on the 20-year analysis by the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, which honors women with the Outstanding Women in Business (OWIB) award. As an inaugural OWIB winner, Szczurek (photo) noted in the DBJ article, “We’re seeing increased numbers of women-led businesses and good performances. I have found, however, two big areas seem to be lacking, and one is women in STEM — and especially in the information technology arena … the other area that I think really hasn’t changed enough is funding for women-owned businesses.”

So with over 118 thousand women-owned companies per a 2018 American Express-commissioned report, there’s a lot of opportunity for venture capital investors to benefit from the success of start-ups by women.




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