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Now people searching for emergency shelter can quickly see and hear shelter locations via the ChoiceView Visual IVR provided by Mile High United Way's 2-1-1 Help Center. In fact, nearly 45% of after-hours callers choose to use the ChoiceView Visual IVR to receive shelter information rather than listening to a lengthy voice announcement and trying to write down the information.

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Radish Systems offers a visual engagement platform with Visual IVR and Visual Live Agent capability, as well as APIs and developer tools. It's an over-the-top solution that's cloud based and deploys easily in contact centers.

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Find Me Shelter! United Way Improves 2-1-1 Calls with ChoiceView Visual IVR
ChoiceView Allows 2-1-1 Callers to See and Hear Shelter Information

BOULDER, CO (October 10, 2018) — Radish Systems announces the deployment of its ChoiceView Visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response system) at Mile High United Way's 2-1-1 Help Center. ChoiceView provides smartphone callers with emergency shelter locations in an easy-to-understand visual format. As a result, users calling Mile High United Way's 2-1-1 service now have the option of seeing shelter information as an alternative to listening to a lengthy voice announcement. The ChoiceView Visual IVR allows Mile High United Way's 2-1-1 Help Center to provide critical resources when their offices are closed through visual self-service. The visual menu delivered during the phone call can be saved to the home screen of the caller's phone for quick access to shelter locations next time. Especially as the weather gets colder more people seek shelter, and enhanced "voice with visual" communications powered by ChoiceView helps such individuals in need quickly find assistance.

David Holland, Mile High United Way's 2-1-1 Manager and Lead for this project and partnership says, "We're pleased to collaborate with Radish Systems to offer 2-1-1 callers an easy way to see and hear shelter information, whenever we're unable to answer the phone live. Nearly 45% of after-hours callers choose to use the ChoiceView Visual IVR to receive emergency shelter information. It's really helpful for smartphone callers who often have no way to write down the information. They can quickly see menu options, then automatically transfer to the 2-1-1 website for detailed shelter locations."

How It Works

When a user calls Mile High United Way's 2-1-1 after hours, an automated phone system allows callers to navigate shelter and crisis services. ChoiceView Visual IVR offers mobile callers the option of seeing visual information instead of listening to voice prompts. The caller then receives an SMS text to launch a browser and view the information. There's no mobile app that needs to be installed or used. While viewing the visual menu delivered by the ChoiceView Visual IVR, a caller can choose the best shelter option via a single tap. Then a web page of shelter locations is shown. The caller can also take a satisfaction survey. (See screenshots below.)

The Power of a Visual IVR

A Visual IVR can transform a voice-only automated call to a 'voice with visuals' experience for smart device and browser users. Visual IVR deployments provide good results. Companies are finding improved call containment in the IVR, shorter call handling time, enhanced caller understanding, higher first call resolution rate, and increased caller satisfaction. Fewer calls are thereby transferred to live agents, which greatly increases self-service and reduces operating costs. Importantly, Visual IVR improves the Customer Experience (CX).

About Mile High United Way and the 2-1-1 Help Center

Mile High United Way, the first United Way in the country, works with corporate, nonprofit, and individual partners to change the lives of thousands of people in Metro Denver by ensuring children are entering school ready to succeed; children are reading at or above grade-level by the end of third grade; youth are graduating high school ready for post-secondary education or entry into the workforce; and individuals and families can meet their basic needs and are afforded every opportunity to move toward economic success. Mile High United Way fights for the education, health, and financial stability for everyone in Metro Denver and invests in the future.

Mile High United Way's 2-1-1 Help Center helps people understand, connect, and access community resources. In 2017, 2-1-1 received nearly 80,000 requests for help. Mile High United Way was cited in the Denver Office of Economic Development's JumpStart 2017 Plan for "deep commitment to improving opportunities for residents in the areas of affordable housing, workforce development, health, and education." United we win. More at UnitedWayDenver.org and on Twitter @UnitedWayDenver #LiveUnited.

About Radish Systems

Radish Systems, a mobile/enterprise software and professional services company, improves the way organizations communicate visually with all callers, including smart mobile device and browser users, through its award-winning ChoiceView Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. ChoiceView is a cloud-based communications service, accessible via web apps and APIs, that adds a transient data channel to traditional voice and SMS communications in a way that's totally compatible with the existing infrastructure.

ChoiceView offers the next generation of multimodal communications, allowing visual information and secure data to be shared during a call with callers using any phone, any network, and many display devices. It eases the pain of frustrating automated phone systems (IVRs) and live assistance. It transforms new and existing traditional IVR systems from many vendors into next generation, true Visual IVRs.

ChoiceView provides multiple deployment options for IVRs, phonebots, chatbots, and virtual assistants ranging from simple menu changes in an auto-attendant system to use of the ChoiceView REST API directly in an IVR's contact flow. In all cases, ChoiceView is an over-the-top and easily implemented solution which maintains compatibility with existing phones, phone networks, dialing plans and call routing. The patented, HIPAA-compliant technology increases comprehension, problem solving, and recall on calls by as much as 600 percent, helps callers resolve inquiries faster with more clarity, improves overall user experience, and increases business profits. Visit RadishSystems.com and Twitter @RadishSystems.

Radish Systems: Theresa Szczurek, 720.440.7560, media@RadishSystems.com.
Mile High United Way: Shelby Ross, 303.561.2143, shelby.ross@unitedwaydenver.org.

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@RadishSystems improves @UnitedWayDenver 2-1-1 calls with @ChoiceView #VisualIVR so #smartphone callers see & hear shelter info https://www.radishsystems.com/media-center/media-releases.

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